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Most people can benefit from osteopathy

Most people can benefit from osteopathy, from babies through to the elderly. Although there are conditions that can effect all, age groups, each will also have their own specific problem areas.


Sometimes the ability of the infant skull to adapt to the birth process is insufficient and results in function disturbances. Some symptoms arising from this may include abnormal sleep patterns, feeding problems, colic, and restlessness.


Various developmental problems can arise developmentally, sometimes for no obvious reason. Quite often, things go wrong as a result of poor posture, too little exercise, even too much exercise, especially if it is not suited to the individual, or if their bodies are struggling to cope with a 'growth spurt'.


Many of life's stresses can take their toll on the body's musculo-skeletal system. These can be both emotional and physical. Work can play an important part in irritating the musculo skeletal system with the modern day prolonged existence at a computer and desk. Ergonomic strains from desk life and long car journeys have become a big feature in irritating joints.

Mature years

No matter how well we try to look after our bodies, we can't avoid the gradual loss of our former physical form, as our tissues start to lose their strength and flexibility, and suffer the effects of 'wear and tear'. This affects different people at different stages in their lives, and at different rates. However, many symptoms can be helped by easing tight, painful muscles, and encouraging more movement in stiff joints.

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