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Tennis Elbow / Golfers Elbow

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Tennis Elbow

(Lateral and medial epicondylitis) of the Elbow:-

These are micro tears of the long flexors and extensors of the forearm muscles (i.e. the muscles that you use while typing, ironing, stirring while cooking, opening a door….the list is endless) and a pull on the insertion of the muscle at the elbow, causing inflammation around the bone.

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) was originally thought to be caused by poor back hand technique in tennis; thus the name. However, it can be caused by any means that requires extension of the hand or fingers and can present in patients who use keyboards and mouse work in the office environment. 

Osteopathic massage of the soft tissue and  muscles around the outside of the elbow and manipulation of the lateral facet of the elbow can improve the function the joint .Stretch applied to the interosseous membrane between the radius and ulnar bones all help and lead to the improvement of symptoms and aid recovery of the joint. Hot and cold therapy is also useful in calming the inflammation caused in this area.

Golfers Elbow:-

Golfers Elbow is typically occurring by the golfer hitting the ground and over stretching the long flexors muscles if the fore arm. The treatment for both golfers and tennis elbow is manipulation of the elbow and the surrounding soft tissues of the elbow, improving the function and enhancing the body’s ability to heal of the injury.

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