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What happens on your first visit

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What happens on your first visit

Your Consultation

The initial purpose of the consultation is to gather the information required to establish a working diagnosis. This is the first definition of the problem, and it allows the formulation of a plan for treatment and advice both in the short and long term. This is also an opportunity to clarify that the patient is indeed suitable for osteopathic treatment by ruling out any medical cause for the condition.

A comprehensive case history is taken that not only covers the presenting condition, but the previous medical history in some considerable detail. Details about your general health and lifestyle may be contributing to your current condition and also influence the treatment that you receive.

A thorough physical examination is then conducted for which you may be asked to undress to your underwear to allow a clear view of your posture, to examine mobility, and conduct a range of tests, all of which help to clarify the condition and its underlying causes. You are never required to undress beyond the underwear, and you are asked to make it clear if undressing makes you uncomfortable for any reason. Being able to view the area concerned does help greatly, but the wish is to never make you feel anxious in any way. You may feel more comfortable bringing shorts or loose clothing to wear during your visits.

Once a diagnosis is established then this is clearly explained, together with detail of the treatment plan, the techniques that may be employed, and an initial estimate of how many treatments may be required. Normally there is time towards the end of this first visit for some treatment and advice.

What to expect at your first consultation

During your consultation, your Osteopath will compile a detailed medical report in order to correctly diagnose and subsequently propose a treatment plan.

The medical report will need to include your medical history, details about your general health and lifestyle as these may be contributing to your current condition and also influence the treatment that you receive.

Finally you may be required to undress down to your underclothes, so that your Osteopath can assess your range of movement and carry out the treatment. If you feel uncomfortable with this then tracksuit bottoms and a tee shirt or other loose fitting clothing would be appropriate.

If necessary we may refer you to have an X-ray or MRI or advise you to visit your GP for blood tests .This may also include a referral to a specialist. We do have a good working relationship with local GPs and Specialists in the hospital which helps towards fast and efficient referrals and we pride ourselves with a good communication about the problem.

All Osteopathic consultations are confidential. A referral from your GP is not always necessary for osteopathic treatment.

The treatment you receive from the osteopath will vary and depend on your problem, your age and your preferences. At our practice we use both manipulation and cranial osteopathy

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